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Mattress Cleaning


Is your mattress making you sick and tired?

It’s entirely possible considering the toxins, allergens, and soil that lurks beneath the surface of your bedding. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so having your mattress professionally deep cleaned can make a significant impact on your health.

But we can help restore your mattress back to like-new condition. That means ridding your bed of dust-mites, the dead skin cells they feed on, and any other allergens or harmful organisms.

Our mattress cleaning service will also revive the way your mattress looks, removing even the most deeply embedded stains and spots. Once finished, your mattress will look, smell, and feel just like the day it was purchased. So, give us a call, we even offer a free estimate to help you make the right cleaning decision.


Do you have mattress that could use a good cleaning? Does someone in your home have allergies? Call Elite Carpet Care at (519) 900-3978 to clean and freshen up your mattresses and remove the allergens! 

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